Thursday, May 10, 2012

If we change Education in a way which a person with the Gift of Dyslexia can learn then we have changed a Nation.

Diamonds In The Rough 2011(Click Here)

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  1. This is a great video...seeing those men and women of "accomplishment" (i.e., Charles Schwab) )sharing their story about their challenge with dyslexia is powerful.

    The technology that you share on your blog is not only useful to those with the gift of dyslexia. I have enjoyed the many tools that are available with the technology of the digital word.

    I have been reading "Les Miserables" on the iPad (there are many free books from the iTunes store). As I wend my way through this gargantuan epic novel by Victor Hugo, I am bombarded with incredible vocabulary, much of which is new to me. With the iPad, I can highlight those words and get the definition within seconds or search the web for a deeper understanding...Fantastic!

    I have just discovered iBooks is a free app from Apple. You can publish your own book.

    Thank you for sharing your struggles and conquests.